Day 77. Saturday 17th October 1970 – India

Dave, Trevor, Hodge and Johnny left early this morning for Kulu. If Het-Ram was able to go then we intended to follow on Monday.

During the morning Keith, Colin and I visited the local girl’s school to have a look at some maps of this district, unfortunately the map they showed us was no good and even if it had been they would not let us photograph it. In the afternoon Het-Ram came round and told us he could not accompany us to Kulu, so I dropped the idea of going myself. We decided to wait until the others came back before we decided what our next action would be. However, Het-Ram said he could accompany us tomorrow to a cave he knew about on the road to Simla. Ian and Keith decided to have a look at this one while Mick and Colin thought they would have another look up at Darla.

Our evening meal was brightened up somewhat when Het-Ram showed Jim how to prepare some sweet rice, followed by a quiet evening was spent in camp.

The weather was warm and sunny all day.

Below Mandi to Kulu Road

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