Privacy Statement

As a result of the new GDPR regulations which come into force on 25th May 2018 we should make clear what data we hold about members and others in order that we remain compliant with the new regulations, although this is unlikely to be an issue.

This statement is intended as a temporary solution pending discussion or confirmation at the next AGM.

The statement consists of three parts, information we hold on members and how we may use it, information we hold on others and how we may use it, and details of software and online applications where data may be held.

Anyone may request a copy of the information we hold on them at any time and we will supply this within twenty eight days.

Any information we hold will be deleted on request.


The club holds the following information on members:

Name, address, telephone number or numbers, date of birth, gender, email address, whether a member of another club, whether the member holds caving insurance with another club and British Caving Association (BCA) membership number. We also may hold details of any subscriptions paid or owed as well as photographs of members.

This information is currently held in paper records and also on a spreadsheet. Some information is held on our web site.

We use this information to maintain contact with members and to assist when preparing club activities for example, if we are booking a club trip we may use this information to confirm your address.

We also supply this information annually to the BCA who require it to maintain your BCA membership and insurance where applicable.

Other than for the reasons mentioned we will not normally release any of your personal information to a third party.

We will be sending out a group email to members on May 25th, detailing the above, and asking whether or not you consent for the club to continue to use your contact details in the way we do now.

Information we hold on others:

Others, or non members includes prospective members, former members and any other individual we may have been in touch with.

We may hold similar information on prospective and former members as we do for members, as already described above.

We hold a very small amount of information on other people. This would usually consist of photographs which are used on our website, as well as name, address, telephone number and email address and would be held normally just for day to day communication.

Social Media, Cookies and Apps

As a club we use Facebook, our own website and may in future use Twitter or other social media applications. We do not normally collect personal data via these apps.

Our web site may use cookies, but these are used purely for data analysis or to improve the user experience. We do not collect any personal data via our web site.

We also use a group email program, such as Google Groups, your name and email address may be stored through such a group.



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