Ken Holt Presentation

Memories and Press Clippings

Phil Hitt Photos.

Photos and clippings from the late 60’s and early 70’s courtesy of Paul Hitt

A second batch of photo’s from Paul Hitt.

Advertising for staff

Recruitment methods have changed – as have ladders! Can anyone date this or identify the cavers?

Advertising for staff in the early days!
Advertising for staff in the early days! Photo from Earby Mines Research Group site


Penyghent Pot Rescue 1951

John Frankland rescued from Penyghent.


Festival of Britain 1951


Other short articles

The second of these, from The Times in June 1955, is especially interesting as it describes how the club started, names the founding four members – even by then only two are still active, lists the kit and also the discovery of Coronation Cave in Langstrothdale in 1953!

In the early fifties membership was limited to twenty members!


Alum Pot Rescue 1962

Rescue from Alum following flooding in the Dales.

Alum Pot Rescue 1962
Alum Pot Rescue 1962


Club Golden Jubilee – 1995

50th Dinner photo clipping.  over one hundred people attended the EPC Golden Jubilee party on the 30th September 1995 at the Springers Night Club, Scotland Rd, Nelson.

EPC Golden Jubilee 1995
EPC Golden Jubilee 1995

Alf and the missing link

Perhaps not strictly a club story, but a good read!

Alf Latham Skull story. Daily Post 2006
Alf Latham Skull story. Daily Post 2006

Ken Holt Presentation – 2010

Long Service Presentation to Earby President Ken Holt at the Earby 65th AGM, 27th November 2010.



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