Fountains Fell Area

North Rainscar Hole

SD 843711

Northern Caves credits the Earby with opening this one up in 1982.

An article from Pete Morgan appeared in the November 1982 (18) issue of Caves and Caving:

“A new discovery by the Earby Pothole Club which was “walked” into in June of this year. The entrance is best found by following the wall for 250m to the south from the cattle grid at Dale Head. The entrance is then 10m to the east.

A narrow slit to one side of the hole drops 3m into a stream passage which starts as a walking sized passage but soon lowers to ever-deepening pools and a final upstream sump after 50m.

Downstream starts as a narrow rift to a 2m pitch. This is followed by a zig-zagging passage with cascades which ends in a choked, wet rift after approximately 50m. This point is very close to a small rising just to the west of Rainscar at NGR 8429.7123.

A short rope or ladder is useful for the return up the entrance slit and care should be taken clambering over the shepherd’s tip of bones and glass.”

Fountains Fell Area Digs and Exploration Map

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North Rainscar Hole: 54.135677, -2.241575

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