The Earby on other web sites

Of course a Google search would show most of these, but Earby members have cropped up on other sites over time so here’s a few bits:

BCA Audio archives – interviews with various people mention current Earby members – well worth listening to.

Earby Mines Research Group – a couple of sites – The Yorkshire Dales Mining Museum and the Mining History Network

Lancashire Mountaineering Club – Caving section trip reports

Oxford University Caving Club Proceedings 2 – 1963 – Tip Pot

Tip Pot is now known as Casterton Pot, see the Ease Gill section for details.

Red Rose Cave and Pothole Club Newsletter – August 1994 – Ray of the Losers – for some reason they’ve only mentioned their own players? Can anyone name the Earby team or the venue? Was there a return match? What happened to the photos? Certainly this one deserves more detail, given the final score?

5/12/2013: Update on the 1994 match – was Johnny old enough to play football nineteen years ago? Venue was Burton in Lonsdale football pitch, and the Earby team included Simon, Sue, Andrew and John Latimer, Bruce Ellison, William Bruce, Tony Dilger and possibly Ken Buttrick – which means either they played with eight or there’s a few names missing. The Earby wiped the floor with the Red Rose, scoring seven goals – John and Simon taking two each and Andrew with a hat-trick! A full report has been promised!

White Rose Pothole Club  – Digging Summer 2012

ULSA Review 2 – Autumn 1967 – Discovery of Tathom Wife Hole

Youtube – The Earby Sump Busters!

If you notice any of these links no longer working please let me know!

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