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New theme

I’ve just changed the theme on the site, so it’ll look a bit different, to one that should work well on mobiles and tablets.

It handles images differently – which means you’ll start to see pages that look a little like this one! Unfortunately it’s not handling the front page very well, but hopefully they’ll get that sorted out!

I’ve also added a “captcha” to the login and registration process, as we’re already getting a fair bit of spam. Hopefully this will stop it, I’ve tried to use one of the less irritating ones!


Photo’s and press cuttings added

A big thanks to Stuart who has been keeping me supplied with press cuttings and photo’s all week, which in turn has meant there’s already a surprising amount (to me anyway!) on the site!

Included in these is this article – which I was not expecting – from The Times in 1955 which describes the founding of the club in surprising detail.

A readable sized version is here

Keep them coming!

Google Maps and links to other sites added

As well as some links to other sites I’ve added few Google maps using a bit of free software. They work OK but not sure if they spoil the look, or is it worth to have the info?


Earby Current Projects Map

loading map - please wait...

Nappa Scar Cave: 54.123067, -2.355881
Legit Pot: 54.145661, -2.405664
Last of the Summer Wine 2: 54.125900, -2.359300

Slight problem with some of them shoving the Google copyright vertically near the right hand side but I reckon I can live with that for now!