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Day 9. Monday 10th August 1970 – England


Everyone apart from Jim and Keith had to go into London. Mick had to go to the Iranian Embassy, everyone else the Afghanistan Embassy. All the necessary visas were obtained. Rod, Mick, Colin, Johnny and me later went around to the RAC and acquired international driving licences.

This was to be the last night we would sleep on English soil for 137 days, longer for Mick as he was thinking of carrying on from India up to the base camp of Everest. So tomorrow we will set off with a route description from the RAC to Simla in the Himachal Pradesh Provence of India, a school Atlas, an Indian Tourist Map and the tracings we made at the Royal Geographical Society.

Just as an aside, Dr Tony Waltham was also setting off with a team to go caving in India, their mode of transport was an old Fire Brigade Tender, but we wouldn’t hear from them until early in 1971.

Below a letter from the Royal Geographical Society and a copy of part of the Indian Tourist Map showing the Himachal Pradesh Provence of India, plus one last look at the Team.


Northern Region