Day 49. Saturday 19th September 1970 – India

About 9 o’clock this morning after breakfast Ian, Keith and I made our official visit to the local magistrate. He and other officials helped us select a site for our base camp. During these negotiations we were invited to visit the local girl’s school. This proved to be very interesting with the girls doing one or two local dances and songs especially for us. The principal who was some sort of holy women showed and explained to us her holy room and the reason for it.

During the evening some of the lads arranged a football match with the local team. This absolutely buggered everyone although we won 4 – 2.

The big move was arranged for tomorrow when the local electricity supply would be turn off. We also met the liaison officer who had been appointed to look after our affairs, and a forest warden who also offered his services.

Our evening meal was prepared for us in a Government Rest Centre at the extravagant price of 1.5 rupees.

The weather was sunny and warm with a cool evening.

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