Day 53. Wednesday 23rd September 1970 – India

Awake this morning to cries of “we’ve got that bloody snake” and sure enough there was one small but lively snake on the end of a fishing rod. For the last couple of days, since we found that there was a snake in our water hole, we’ve been trying to catch it. After all the shouting and excitement had died down I managed to skin it, so now we have a real memento to take home.

The rest of the day was spent just hanging about camp trying to catch up on such things such as writing home and bringing ones log up to date. This however was not original intensions but more or less forced on us by the rain.

The weather was dull and cloudy in the early part of the morning followed by light then heavy showers throughout the rest of the day.

Note, we had been warned about snakes while searching for caves but unfortunately our water snake was not poisonous and got us into some trouble with the local holy man. However, later in the expedition one that was poisonous was seen crawling from under one of our tents. Other than these two events we had no trouble from the local wild life. The real trouble makers, monkeys, confided themselves to harassing the locals in the village.

Below the water hole and another view of our base camp

53 1

53 2