Days 69,70 and 71. Friday 9th to Sunday 11th October 1970 – India

Friday 9th October 1970 (Day 69)

I stayed in bed a little longer than usual because I was buggered after yesterday’s effort. Most of the day was spent writing letters and bringing my log up to date.
Turned in about eight o’clock and read for a while, then called it a day.

The weather again was warm and sunny all day.

Saturday 10th October 1970 (Day 70)

Again another late rising and up and as Het-Ram was coming in the afternoon it looked like being another lazy day. Het-Ram took Jim, Mick, Dave, Keith and I to some sort of fair to do with a religious ceremony. This was, or had been, going on for three days or so in Battul, and today was the last day. During the evening some of us went back to watch a film, which was in Hindi, and later we went on to a cultural show. However by the time this came to an end, about 1.30 in the morning, there were only four of us left. The cultural evening consisted of one or two short plays separated by singing and dancing. All performed, by what we thought was the local ammeter dramatic society.

The weather was sunny and warm all day although the evenings are definitely now becoming quite cool.

Sunday 11th October 1970 (Day 71)

Another lazy day was spent around the camp because Het-Ram had arranged for a meal at his place about six o’clock in the evening. I thought the meal was excellent and everyone else seemed to agree.

The weather was sunny and warm all day.

Note: John published these three days together oon Facebook so we have stuck with the same format.

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