Day 76. Friday 16th October 1970 – India

At 10:30 in the morning I went to see Het-Ram about his proposed visit to Kulu. We went together to see his boss who, unfortunately, wouldn’t say whether he was going to let Het-Ram go or not. I did however manage to persuade him to make a definite decision by Sunday. However on the basis of the interview I doubt very much whether he will now let Het-Ram go. After the interview I left Het-Ram and went back to the village playing field where we had been invited to attend the prize giving for the previous days dancing and sports competitions. Dave and I sat on the stage with the other guest, the guest of honour being the Minister of Public Works Department and Governor of Himachal Pradesh, while Keith and Ian stood in the audience and took photographs. After the formalities were over we were invited to dine with the Governor and other distinguished guests. The meal too place out of doors in the playground of one of the schools. The meal was in true Indian style with everyone sitting on mats on the ground and eating with fingers.

As you might expect we were last to finish and our eating efforts amused everyone there. Apart from cramp in our legs and practically covered from head to foot in rice and bits of curry, the meal was very good and enjoyed by all the lads. We later returned to camp and spent a quiet evening before turning in.

The weather was warm and sunny all day.

Note for what ever reason I can’t find any pics of the prize giving and meal.

Below a quick brew at the local tea shop

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