Day 79. Monday 19th October 1970 – India

A quiet day was spent in camp with nothing out of the ordinary happening, and with the usual daily base camp spectators.
The weather was as usual warm and sunny all day.

Below the usual base camp spectators, we had this every day all the time we were there ,some walked miles to see the bus. There were people everywhere at all times, you never had any privacy, even when we camped out while searching for caves, you would wake up and there would be a couple of little boys squatting down watching you. For all we know they could have been there while we slept. It wasn’t until we got into the high Himalayas above the tree line that we were on our own.

The population of India in 1800 was just over 0.25 billion, in 1970 was just over 0.5 billion now its just over 1.25 billion.

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