Day 81. Wednesday 21st October 1970 – India

When Mick and I got up this morning Jim, Ian and Keith had already left for Simla. After the usual brew while waiting for the 11 o’clock morning bus to Darla, we eventually landed at Dano-Ghat about one hour late. The track from the road to Mangu was far easier than we had l thought and after about an hour and a half taking it easy we landed in the village.

On arrival in the village we found that the Guide who was going to show us the caves was not at home. We left a letter telling him that we would see him at eight o’clock the following morning, however, while we were in the process of looking for somewhere to camp down for the night we bumped into him. After exchanging a few words with him we found that he would not be able to accompany us to the caves for at least another four or five days. We therefore decided to camp for the night and on the following day visit a cave he pointed out to us while we were talking to him. We also said that we would return in about five days to see if he would be free to show us other caves.

After choosing a spot for the night we were just about to settle in when who should turn up but our potential Guide who insisted on us returning with him to spend the night as his place. When we arrived at his house and started to unpack he insisted on showing us a cave close by. This turned out to be very much like the other we had visited with him previously, but not quite as long. Both Mick and I had to strip off to the waist to enter this rather grotty little hole, which was also very loose.

We returned after it had gone dark and enjoyed a typical Indian type nosh followed by an unusual and somewhat prolonged discussion on GOD. I think that the Hashish that he had been merrily puffing away at had brought this subject up. I finally fell asleep about 11 o’clock after mick “the swine” had left me to talk to the old boy, while he slept peacefully.

BTW the Hashish grows wild everywhere we even had a bush in our base camp.

The weather sunny and warm all day.

Some of the locals watching us eat our evening meal

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