Day 7. Saturday 8th August 1970 – England


Another quiet day did some delivering for Eileen’s farther in the afternoon. A couple of the lads went into London to get their international driving licence from the RAC.

Went out for the last hour to the “Crook Log” a pub just down the road from where we were parked.

Colin and Johnny purchased some food from a cash and carry warehouse, 50lbs of porridge, 28lbs of dry peas and 72lbs of beans.

In addition to this we already had donated:-

6 dozen mini Jams & Marmalades by Robertson & Sons
42lbs Dried Milk by Unigate Ltd
390lbs of Sugar & 112lbs of Golden Syrup by Tate & Lyle
72 packs of Weetabix By Weetabix Ltd
10lbs of Tea & 6 gross of OXO cubes By Brooke Bond & OXO Ltd
4 dozen assorted Jars of Spreads & 2 dozen Tins of Pie Filling by Shippams
I case of Beef Broth & 1 case of Baked Beans & Pork Sausages by H. J. Heinz
24 x 12oz packets of Seedless Raisins by Whitworth Holdings
20 x 12oz Tins of Spam & 50 Tins of Sardines by Littlewoods Ltd
2 cases of Tea by Liptons
288 Mars Bars & 576 Packets of Spangles by Mars Ltd

We also purchased
6 x cases (24 x 15oz tins) of Stewing Stake
4 x cases (24 x 15oz tins) of Minced Beef
8 x cases (24 x 7.5oz tins) of Black Puddings
10 x cases (24 x 7.5oz tins) Curries
Total cost thirty eight pounds & eight shillings

I’m sure we had more than this but the paper work has got lost over the years.