Day 17. Tuesday 18th August 1970 – Yugoslavia

Left Jesenice at five in the morning and motored quietly on to Ljubljana. Just before we entered Zagreb we had our third blow out, except this time it was the outside wheel that went. We decided therefore to buy a new tyre in Zagreb. Rod, Jim and Ian had quite a long walk to find somewhere that sold the right sort of tyre.

After several hour lazing about in the sun waiting for the lads to come back, we moved a further 35 or 45 miles and then stopped for the night. Besides the blow out we also had a spot of bother with the brakes. The return pipe was leaking thus causing a drop in vacuum. This was soon put right with the help of a little plastic filling.

About half ten everyone apart from Rod and Ian went to a nearby café and partook in a couple of beers. The weather was warm and sunny all day.