Day 30. Monday 31st August 1970 – Iran

We had an early start with Rod driving as usual, stopped about 11:00hrs for breakfast. Johnny and Colin after a short walk before breakfast came back with pockets and a tin full of grapes which they had actually been given. The heat today was more oppressive than in the previous few days and we made several stops to give the tyres time to cool down.

We camped for the night in the forecourt of a police station on the outskirts of Tehran after being told by police officers through an interpreter that it was the done thing for wagons etc., something to do with the local natives breaking in. The police however were quite decent chaps.

The weather was very warm and oppressive with a hot breeze.

Below the map and a typical large wagon bombing along a bit of rough desert road. The dust was now getting everywhere on the bus and our drinking water was lukewarm, but we now had started to boil all the water and were getting use to tea with powdered milk, can’t remember if we had a coffee?

Aug 31 Map

Aug 31 1