Day 31. Tuesday 1st September 1970 – Iran

A classic start to the day was made by Dave who, on his own initiative, set the bus on fire.

After this minor set-back we drove into Tehran to see if we could acquire our exit visa for Pakistan and to get Johnny his traveller’s cheques. Unfortunately we were unable to get any satisfaction for either. For the visa we were required to have four passport photographs and even then there may be three or four days wait before we could obtain them!

Before we eventually left Tehran to camp on the outskirts we did manage to have our photographs taken.

We camped for the night just outside Tehran.

The weather was hot and very oppressive.

Below the map so far. The back two seats of the bus were removed and became the kitchen area which unfortunately was also next to where we had located our second fuel storage tank, this was where Dave had his accident And finally a night pic of Tehran.

31 2

31 3