Day 37. Monday 7th September 1970 – Iran

We were on the road again at about 5 o’clock, Ian driving. The first part of the morning was spent crossing the Elburz Mountains, highest pass 8,300ft which also takes into account about seventeen tunnels. This particular section was extremely breath taking, fortunately for us the road was reasonable good.

Shortly after this stretch we stopped for breakfast which brought around the usual crowd of sight-seers. After another hour or so of easy motoring stopping for tea brought even more people but this time to our advantage. As we had stopped near a fruit farm many of the young lads gave us a good selection of fruit. In return we took several photographs, and showed one or two of the older lads the Pirelli Calendars that Rod had pinched from work.

We stopped for the night outside of a town called Gorgan.
The weather for the first time in weeks looked like rain at times but it never materialised. The day on the whole was warm and very sticky.

Note! Pirelli Calendars. In 1970 nearly every male dominated factory shop floor had its fair share of these calendars. When I retired in 2014 all such calendars had been banned from the shop floor, I’ll leave you to imagine what would happen if these were shown in Iran today.

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