Moughton Scar West Cave

After visiting Moughton Scar Cave we took a quick look at this one, which is up a short easy scramble below the top of the scar.

An easy crawl leads quickly to a fifteen foot or so high rift passage, with a flowstone inflow preventing progress.

A small hole in the flowstone was opened up to reveal a low open section within the blockage, which didn’t look too promising, but may be worth  another quick trip.

It also appears it may be possible to dig under the blockage.

One for a sunny day with a good picnic in case it proves fruitless!

Note: further information on this cave can be found in the members pages of the site here.

Moughton scar west survey

Moughten Scar west 008 resize

Moughten Scar west 009 resize

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