Digging in style at Nappa!

Current Projects

You’ll usually find we have a dig somewhere. Details of our current digs (less any secret stuff or bits the webmaster doesn’t know about, or has been asked to keep quiet about etc etc) are shown below.

As you can see from the photo we try and dig with some style!

Whilst we welcome visitors to active digs we’d politely ask that if you’d like to help you contact us first.

Legit Pot

Nappa Scar aka Last of the Summer Wine Dig

Norber Dig aka Last of the Summer Wine 2

Once they’re finished and we’re no longer working on them they’ll get moved to Past Digs and Exploration.

Earby Current Projects Map

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Nappa Scar Cave: 54.123067, -2.355881
Legit Pot: 54.145661, -2.405664
Last of the Summer Wine 2: 54.125900, -2.359300

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