Skeleton at Potts Beck

More photo’s from Paul Hitt

File0005 fred Mallett & Les Lord lighting formations in Gavel pot extension 1970 No28

Paul has sent over quite a few more shots from the late sixties and early seventies. The first one here is from 1970 in the Gavel Pot extension with Fred Mallett and Les Lord lighting the formations.

File0009 Pau Hitt, Panch & Gwindon. Long Kin East pot. NewbyPaul, Panch (Philip Cook) and Gwyndon Boardman at Long Kin East pot. Paul is looking down the shaft, Panch standing on track with Gwyndon holding the rope.

Malc on ladder,Out Sleets Beck pot 1973 No10Malcolm Needham in Out Sleets Beck Pot in 1973

petemalcpaulpanchLeft to right – Pete Morgan,  Malcolm, Paul Hitt and Panch travelling overland to Australia in 1968.

potholing0004Dales 1968 – from left to right – Ian Hadock, Jeff Halstead, Philip Cook, Goggs (Keith Harrison), and Paul at the front.

skeleton at Potts Beck

Skeleton in Potts Beck and (below) with Ken Holt

ken holt at Potts Beck

Roy Dawson & Baz Hunt in Dove Cave Kettelwell 1970 No17
Roy Dawson and Baz Hunt in Dove (Dow?) Cave – Kettlewell 1970

spud in somewhereBrian Latimer somewhere around the same time – any ideas Spud?

peteAnd last for now – anyone know where Pete Morgan is here?

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