Tip Pot (Casterton Pot)

Tip Pot (Casterton Pot)

Tip Pot was discovered in 1963, near Bull Pot of the Witches, described as about 100ft deep. It was mentioned in OUCC Proceedings and features in Northern Caves 3, renamed Casterton Pot.

The OUCC description mentions it’s close to a passage that can be seen heading off at the top of an aven west of ’49 Aven in Bull Pot.

The Northern Caves description refers to the final wet crawl ending a few metres short of the Precambrian Series in Aygill Cavern.

If anyone has a copy of the survey it would be good to get it on here.

Assuming both descriptions are correct (which may be a big leap) then Tip Pot could provide the key to linking Barbondale into the Three Counties System! Makes you wonder why the Red Rose haven’t sorted the job out? Could it be that the connection must be more or less underneath Ray Duffy’s famous homemade septic tank? Probably not.

Tip Pot (Casterton Pot)

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Tip Pot (Casterton Pot) 54.229227, -2.518714

Area Map

Ease Gill Area Digs and Explorations Map

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Tip Pot (Casterton Pot): 54.229227, -2.518714
Bull Pot of the Witches: 54.226400, -2.519500
Cross Hall (Pippikin): 54.215457, -2.510498

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